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goodsticons's Journal

Good Star Trek Icons
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High-quality Star Trek icons and other graphics.
Good Star Trek Icons

Welcome to goodsticons.
This is a community for high-quality Star Trek icons and other graphics.
Everything Star Trek related (TV shows, movies, cast) is welcomed at this community.
Membership is selected so you have to apply before you can post.


If you would like to be a member here, please go to the application post, and follow the rules posted there.

1) More than 3 teaser icons or previews larger than 350 px wide need to be behind a lj-cut.
2) All preview icons need to be related to Star Trek.
3) Linking to closed communities or journals isn't allowed, unless your post is left open for at least one week.
4) Please use tags. If you want to request a new tag, you can do so here.